Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are an extremely energy efficient window furnishing and are particularly well suited to the Australian climate. The pleated design of the Honeycomb blind is not only decorative but is technically very effective.

Both the material and cellular design of these blinds help reduce heat in the summer months and retain warmth during the colder months; a clever way to help reduce your energy bill. They are also excellent at absorbing sound, which is perfect for large hard-floored areas or for anyone living near or on a busy street.

Honeycomb blinds, also referred to as Cellular blinds, come fully automated or manually operated. 

Marlow & Finch’s Honeycomb blinds are available in Sheer, light-flitering and block-out fabrics.

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Fabric Cell Size

Small or large?

A gallery of colours and opacities in five unique cell sizes from small to large. Smaller cells offer a more traditional pleated shade look giving your room a snug and cosy feel. Larger cells are great for larger windows and doors giving your décor a more contemporary and elegant edge.

25mm Single
45mm Double
45mm Single

62mm Double
62mm Single

Norman Honeycomb Blinds

UV Blockage by Fabric Type

Room darkening fabrics offer homeowners the ability to significantly block out the sunlight reducing up to 100% UV light. While light filtering fabrics have a range of UV transmission and can create softer lighting for any room in the home. With Norman’s sheers, block as little as 49.9% of UV light offering a screened view of the streetscape and a degree daylight privacy.

Sheer: 49.9% – 71.5% UV Blockage
Light Filtering: 88% – 97% UV Blockage
Room Darkening: 100% UV Blockage

Lift Systems

Select from a range of innovative hardware and lift technology. There’s a perfect shade system for no matter what your lifestyle has in store.

Cord Loop
Vertical Modes


Verticle Modes Norman Honeycomb Blinds

Portrait Honeycomb Special Options

Select from a range of Honeycomb options to suit your space

Light Guard
Day & Night Shades
Specialty Shapes
Palladian Shelf

The proprietary technology makes daily lowering almost effortless, especially on larger windows. With a single pull, the shade “releases” and glides to a closed position automatically – smoothly, quietly and effortlessly.

Smart release HoneycombSmartrelease Norman Honeycomb blind


Experience enhanced safety, less light leakage and more streamlined profile. The award-winning system adjusts from the top and bottom and has no cords in the middle., When closed, SmartFit fabric stack creates a smaller footprint for a more enjoyable view.

Smartfit Norman Honeycomb

Specifically designed to block incoming light that escapes off the sides of the window opening and to provide insulating protection at the margins. The innovative light block achieves maximum window coverage from edge to edge.

Colours include: Black, Chocolate, Cloud Cream, Day Light, Silver, Warm Sand

Light Guarg Colours Norman Honeycomb


Featuring a sleek and elegant wood frame (to mount inside or outside the window reveal) plus a SmartFit honeycomb shade. This is a great solution for rectangular windows or french doors. Decoflex shade offers top down/bottom-up adjustment while its frame provides light and privacy control on all 4 sides.

Decoflex frame colours are the same as Normandy shutter program colors


Norman Honeycomb blinds decoflex colours

Two shades in one – choose two fabrics for the ultimate in looks and light control versatility. Morning time. Nap time. Entertaining time. The Day & Night Shade gives you more light control and privacy options to help set the mood and make everyday moment magical, and every night.

Select from the most popular specialty shapes to provide a total cellular solution. Our array of specialty shapes includes: arches, quarter round, triangles and more. Experience quality and style on even the most challenging applications.

Norman Honeycomb Blinds

The innovative solution creates a decorative mounting surface inside an arched window so a rectangular shade can be installed beneath an arched specialty shape shade. Palladian shelves are an elegant way to split the curved top part of the window with the squared bottom part of the window.

Norman Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

Save on Energy Costs

Cellular blinds boast extraordinary insulation properties contributing to a difference in room temperature of approximately 75% when compared to peak outdoor ambient temperatures. Ultra-insulating cellular blind fabrics with metallic internal coating prevent your environment from becoming uncomfortably warm in sunlight and help retain indoor heat during the chilly season; in addition to the trapped air inside each cell, a pocket of air forms between the honeycomb blinds and your window to maintain a consistent room temperature all year round.

Luxury of Choice

Portrait features almost 500 fabric options, 5 cell sizes and an extensive array of lifting systems, including child-safe cordless, vertical and motorised options. Plus, award-winning solutions such as SmartFit, Decoflex, Cordless Top-Down/Bottom Up, and Day & Night. Portrait has a stylish answer for any lifestyle or light control need. They look, feel and perform like no other window covering option. 

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1 Atchison Street
St Leonards, NSW, 2065

We strongly encourage booking an appointment
on Saturdays to avoid delays